domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

TrendS . . . !

Trends In Urbe:
There is a new fashion trend in College: the SillyBandz.

A lot of girls (and some boys) wear them in URBE.
SillyBandz is the brand from this rubber bands with a messy look when you wear them. The innovative thing about this bands is that they come as silhouettes from animals, tv shows characters, musical instruments and more.
This is how they look before you wear them:

Another trend in URBE is hoodies, because even though Maracaibo is a hot city, in URBE classrooms can be really really cold. 

You can see students with all kind of hoodies:  all colors, all brands...

Trend In Sports: 
Nowdays a lot of players and athletes are wearing power balance bracelets.
According to Power Balance producers this is a bracelet designed to work with your body's natural energy field and improve your balance, strength and flexibility.
I don't know if that is true, what I know for sure is that most of the sports people wear them and a lot of people are following them and getting their power balance too.

Trend In Music:
At this time the trend in music is that many of the groups to promote his music worldwide through Internet social networks making known each material and record everything that is of interest to the fans.In Venezuela there are groups that also do the same, most of those groups that are jumping for the first time to the music market widely used this medium to advertise so people know their job.

About My Family..!

Well if I talk a little about my family I can say that I belong to parents who are divorced now .. lasted about 20 years of marriage if I am not mistaken .. today my dad is the pastor of a Christian Reformed Church, has a wife and two children .. who are my brothers by my dad .. Here is a picture of my dad with my sister Yuleidy ...
In this picture out my brother by my dad ..His name is Yumar Moises...

I currently live with my mom .. where my grandparents live also my two brothers .. My grandparents are 50-odd years of marriage .. if not more! my mom works as a teacher teaching in primary schools! in this photo is my Mom ..

In this picture you can see the 3 brothers who are of the same marriage ..

Which is in the middle is the one who comes after me .. his name is Yumar David ..telecommunications engineering studies UNEFA and also serves in the battalion Sunday in Punta Gorda .. the smallest is Yumar Daniel, 5th graders are studying in school .. and I am Josué Ferrer URBE study Social Communication and Graphic Design in CUNIBE .. I like music and I have a musical group that will soon be rolled out musical ... call .. TERZEROS! here I am with my brother singing .. certainly also sings: D

An Unsolved Mystery

Hi everyone .. today I get to solve this mystery ... here we go!

It's obvious that the guy in the purple sweater is a criminal who first of all broke the law by robbing a bank. How is that obvious? Well, a camera from a shop in front of the bank filmed everything about the crime comitted and in the tape you can see clearly everything (picture number one). 
Police catched him easilly because he didn't have car, he was just running around carrying the money.  
In the confession room (picture number two), he didn't have an alibi, he just told the detective that the guy from the video wasn't him, but you'll see... our detective is a professional and he knows that this guy is the real thieve even though he cried as a baby as you see in picture number three. 
This guy went to jail and this crime is no longer an Unsolved Mysterie.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Mc Donalds Vs Arturo's

A simple comparison between them. .

Mc Donalds as we all know is a coveted place for children of all ages .. mainly for its Happy Meal and park for fun ... but if we speak clearly of the food that both places offer might note that Pollos Arturo's clearly better on the menu ...

Mc Donalds ... Normally offers burgers are simply not of this world .. Not very good taste is not spectacular .. are very simple. What we can not deny is their fries are delicious.

Pollos Arturo's ... As the name implies is a fast food place where its main menu is the chicken .. but what about this chicken is a chicken crispy and not very good for health because it is fried .. but its flavor is unique and you're satisfied with their skills.

No more to say .. I say goodbye What I said is only my point of view I do not think that we all think alike. Peace!

My Favorite Food ... !

My favorite food is a Chinese food .. Shop Suey specifically.

The shop suey is a type of food that has taste and has a unique taste .. own vegetables, such as paprika, carrot, onion, etc. .. also has chicken, beef and shrimp ... accompanied by steamed white rice is a type of food that does not change anything ... Yeah right!

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Things I Like

A General Fact About Me. . . !

My Name is. Y. Josué Ferrer G.
I have brown eyes, 
black hair, 
Age 22, 
my height is 1.70,
I'm From Maracaibo Venezuela.
I can sing,
I can play guitar, piano,
I like extreme things,
I'm a little crazy in a good way, extrovert, good friend,
I like the shop suey, burgers,
I like chatting on Facebook, twitter and msn. 
I like sports like football, URBE study,
I have 4 brothers I'm the oldest, I think for the moment is everything...